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utitlity assistance

helping hand started this conversation
My name is Nancy and I am currenrly living with an elderly lady named Patricia.We recently moved into a house so it was easier for her to get around in her wheelchair.The problem is her son had alot of people living with them in her old place and her electricity bill skyrocketed.When her and I moved to the new house aloneĀ  the power company now wants a huge deposit of 400.00 which she can't afford plus we can't get help unless we pay the deposit first.She fell durring the move and broke her hip and had to be hospitalized and now she is due home by Thankgiving but can only come home if we have power.I have been on the phone everyday and can find no one who will give any help so this is my last resort.We would appreciate any and all halp we can get.I will personally donate my time to help an elderly person with all chores and cooking if someone will donate any money so Patricia can come home on Thanksgiving.
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